Frequently Asked Questions:

What instruments do you accept?
Vocals, Trumpet (Cornet), Clarinet, Saxophone (all), Trombone, Piano, Banjo or acoustic Guitar, acoustic Bass or Tuba and Drums are accepted.
Do I have to be 18?
Students under 18 can register if they are accompanied by an adult and provide a letter of recommendation. (contact us with your exact situation) 
How many students are acepted?
Approximately 9-11 per instrument (10 trombones, 10 trumpets, etc.).
How do I reserve my hotel room?
All you need to do is fill in your room requirements on the registration form. All hotel reservation MUST go through camp. Jazz Camp takes care of any and all arrangements in regards to the hotel.
What Do I Need to Bring:
Should I bring a music stand?
No, music stands are provided
What instruments do you provide?
We will supply string basses, tubas and drum sets. Drummers need to bring cymbals, sticks, brushes, and a clutch. Clutches maybe be obtained at camp with a deposit. Also bring any special percussion extras (cowbells, wood blocks, etc) you want to work with.
Is Instrument repair available?
We can put you in touch with someone who will be able to repair your instrument.
Do guitarist and bassists need to bring amps?
Do pianist need to bring a keyboard?
No. There are pianos or keyboards at each venue.
Do I get a single room or do I have to share?
Rooms are NOT shared with other campers, unless you request to share one with other incoming campers. By sharing with other campers, there is a slight tuition reduction. If you would like more information, please contact camp.
Do I pay extra for my room if my spouse/friend comes with me?
No, there is no additional charge.
How do I handle housing if I want to come early or stay later?
Just let us know, we'll set up additional days for you.
How much do my extra days cost me?
The 2017 discounted jazz camp price is $175.00 per night.
Can my spouse join me for the breakfast and lunch meals at the hotel?
Yes, there is an additional cost of $25 (approx.) for breakfast and lunch. You can add either breakfast
or lunch or both. Additional meal costs for the week will be $270 (approx.). Advance notice is needed before
camp begins to add meals.
What should the drummers bring?
Bring your cymbals, cowbells, wood blocks or anything you might want to add to your drumset.
Where can I park in the French Quarter that won't cost me an arm and a leg?
The Bourbon Orleans Hotel offers parking at a daily rate.  You can check out the Bourbon Orleans site for to get more details. Besides the Hotel parking, there are many lots around the Quarter within walking or Pedicab distance of the Bourbon Orleans Hotel.  For more information on pricing and locations, please visit the Central Parking website.
How do I get from the airport to the Bourbon Orleans Hotel?
Airport Shuttle New Orleans is the official transportation provider to and from Louis Armstrong International Airport and downtown hotels. Fares: $20.00 per person, $38.00 round trip (confirm fees with their website, prices are as of Sept 2013). Shuttle departs every 15 minutes until the last flight of the day. Limit 3 pieces of luggage per person, purchase tickets ad the desk across from the baggage carosels at ground level. Departures - call 522-3500 no later than 24 hours before flight. Pickups will be no less than 2 1/2 hours before flight time.
If I have a medical emergency and am unable to attend camp, how does that affect my tuition?
Special consideration for cancellation with medical emergencies will be handled on an individual basis. Please contact the camp if you need to notify us of your situation.