Please help us promote the music and culture of New Orleans
by sponsoring a young musician in our city.
We are seeking sponsorships to provide scholarships to eleven local high school or college
students who qualify to attend the New Orleans Trad Jazz Camp.

Checks can be made payable to and sent to:
New Orleans Traditional Jazz Camp
PO Box 15851
New Orleans, LA 70175



Thank You for Your Support
Our jazz camp scholarships are made possible this year by the generous contributions of the following individuals and organizations. Click on the logos to visit their webpage.

Student Sponsors Scholarship Donors:

Satchmo Level:

New Orleans Theatre Association
Lane Turzan
David Sherman
David Allen
George Smith & Richelle Cross
Larry Tyrell
Ed Pawlowski
Mark Sty. Cyr
Matthew & Jennifer Johnson
Richard & Liz Eagan

Jelly Roll Level:

Sidney Bechet Level:

John Dudley
Hal Burnside
Ed Hirsch
Stuart Seeley
Richard & Liz Howard
Ted Borodofsky
Ken Arnold

Kid Ory Level:

Jonno Frishberg
Roland Ochsenbein
Jim & Eve Roberson
Sandy Harr
Jane Dahlenburg
Lisa McQueen
Phil Wiking
Marc Johnson
Mark Nutter
Lisa Greenberg
Bill & Sheelah Black
Mel Shaw
Cleve Baker
Larry Garrett
Rai Lynne Jarabica

Scholarships to the New Orleans Traditional Jazz Camp
are supported by a grant from the New Orleans Theater Association (NOTA)
Past Sponsors



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