Camper Info

  • Trumpet/Reed/Trombone/Banjo/Guitar players will need to bring their own instruments.
  • Pianos are in each classroom, and each venue has either a piano or electronic keyboard.
  • String basses will be provided for Bass players. No amps are needed or allowed.
  • Drummers need to bring their own cymbals, brushes, sticks, and a clutch. (Clutches can be provided for a $25 deposit.) If you want to use wood blocks, splash cymbals, cowbells, etc. you should bring those as well.
  • Tubas or sousaphones will be provided, but tuba players should bring their own mouthpiece.
  • Vocalists are encouraged to bring a recording device to record rehearsal material (most smart phones have recording capabilities and should work fine).
  • Sound recording and sheet music will be made available approximately six weeks before camp begins. Everyone who has paid their tuition in full will receive links and should print out the music and bring it with them.

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